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MEHMET ZAMAN SAÇLIOĞLU THE INTERSECTION   The dolmushes that leave from Kadıköy and go to Bostancı veer suddenly away from the shore as they round the point at Moda and turn into one of the district’s somewhat older side streets. This street takes you down the hill to Moda, and from there to Yoğurtçu Park. […]


MEHMET ZAMAN SAÇLIOĞLU THE SECOND ISLAND  (FOG ISLAND)    The train was moving fast. Only two of us remained in the compartment as the others got off at the previous station. My traveling companion, a slim, light brown haired man in his thirties, a little younger than I, took off his shoes and stretched out […]


MEHMET ZAMAN SAÇLIOĞLU THE BIG EYE   A man asked a girl who was waiting at a crosswalk, “Would you have your picture taken with me?” “I beg your pardon?” she said in amazement. “I mean … I said, would you have your picture taken with me?” “Are you nuts?” snapped the girl as she […]