Mehmet Zaman Saclıoğlu is one of the prominent modern authors of Turkey. He is an academician in faculty of fine arts. He usually writes short stories, but also poems. His collections of short stories are considered as among the best examples of contemporary short story writing in Turkey. “Ruzgar Geri Getirirse (If The Wind Brings Back- sub-titled: Stories With A Threshold” ), the third collection of his short stories was published in 2002. This work is unique in contemporary Turkish literature and perhaps in the world literature by being the first short story book with visual and threshold texts. Fear, punishment, reward, love, duty and solidarity are the frequently encountered themes in M. Z. Saclıoğlu’s short stories.
He’s won the most important three national short story awards in Turkey. Some of his short stories have been translated into German and English, and published in anthologies such as “Elsewhere” Comma Press, Great Britain 2007, and “Liebe, Lügen und Gespenster” Turkische Bibliothek Unionsverlag, Germany 2006, “The Book of Istanbul” Comma Press, Great Britain 2010.


Yunus Nadi Shorts Story Award 1993
Sait Faik Short Story Award 1994
Haldun Taner Short Story Award 1998
Dil Derneği 80. Anniversary Honorary Award 2012

Collection of Short Stories
İki ve Keçi- 2010 (Two and the Goat)
Sur ve Gölge- 2009 (Rampart and the Shadow)
Rüzgâr Geri Getirirse – 2002 (If the Wind Brings Back)
Beş Ada – 1997 (Five Islands)
Yaz Evi – 1994 (A Summer House)

Sarkaç -2002 (Pendulum)
Günden Önce – 1985 (Before the Day)


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